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Inside out [book review]
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Inside out.
By Evan Francisco.
lgbt/ gay teen romance/ werewolves.
322 pages.
My ratings : 3.8/5
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Synopsis : Jordan Patterson has to accept that his number one nemesis is the one he's destined to love for the rest of his immortal life. Ever since childhood, Jordan has been bullied by Jace Andrews, but to the rest of the pack, Jace is considered the strongest, smartest, and most attractive werewolf around—the bright hope for the pack's future. Then Jordan finds out that Jace is his mate—the person who bears the other half of his soul, and the one he is destined to be with for the rest of his life. Unable to accept a growing attraction to someone he can only see as cruel, Jordan keeps the truth to himself. But the mate bond grows intensely stronger until Jace begins to suffer as well: sensing his mate in the shadows, haunted by hallucinations and nightmares, but unable to see a clear vision of his soul mate. The Alpha is forced to find out the root of this trouble, and comes to a decision to track the hiding mate. In some cases a male werewolf who hides from his mate is seen as the ultimate coward. But will the world understand Jordan’s conflict with Jace?. No matter what the consequences are, falling in love with a mate is inevitable, and Jordan knows he can’t avoid that.

So, I am so excited that I got this book as a copy as the author only prints out several of his story in physical copy, so when the book came in the mail on the 21st, I couldn't just take my eyes off it, so finally on the 24th of Nov I started reading it and finish it on the next day /psst, it was THAT GOOD AND CHEESY lgbt themed gay novel I have ever read/. What I can tell you is that the main story was about a 16 year old half werewolf-half boy named Jordan who were always trying to find his true mate for the rest of his immortal lives as his destiny bounds him to a half breed Jace Andrews which has been his nemesis since he was small, they grew up together in the same werewolf pack and Jace has been nothing but a disastrous mate Jordan could ever horribly imagined...

Hi butties!, I'm feeling so excited today to make my first review of the fan fiction that I have read. It was written in fiction press and wattpad and the book was entitled 'Inside Out'. As you might notice, some of you might be thinking of the pixar new animated movie "inside out" but no, I'm not talking about that, it's actually a fan fiction of werewolves *thinking hard on teen wolf* and I have to tell you, throughout the story, it was pretty intense, the romance was cute and cheesy, NOT TOO MENTION THERE'S A LOT OF BARE SKINS GOING ON IN THIS STORY!

To be honest, sometimes I do imagine Jace Andrews as Jacob Black because of the enchanting glittery hazel eyes and Jordan Patterson as Robert Pattison a.k.a THE Edward Cullen for his deep sea of blue eyes or was the blue more like the clear blue? (I forgotten). I can feel a lil bit of the resemblance between those two characters and I always imagine Jordan to be smaller physically rather than Jace but Jordan was totally a Robert Pattison, only that he's shorter.

I like how the author tells the story and how it brings the story to a whole next level, between the love development of these two main characters. I love how he pictured Jordan as somewhat small and vulnerable but at the same time he could be the little rebellious shit I've ever seen in a 16-years old kid!. And to tell you, I love his gut so hard!. That's somehow I can see his personality sides, I appreciate his courage to stand up for things that of course he will pretty much loses in it anyway *lol*.

Don't get me start on Jace freaking Andrews, that little demon devilish satan has conquered my heart. He can get from the serious leader of the pack to the smartest student in Bloomingdale High to the straight macho guy to the over protective caring gentle cocky gay boyfriend and his aesthetically well-build of a masterpiece art of a muscle. I can feel the squels and the 'im not gonna look away' kind of look that Jorden do on Jace when he saw the protruding veins out of his mate's outer epidermis. Omg, if I were to be a character, I would not blink an eye, I swear!.


  • I love and adored how much the author have a wild and free imagination enough to inspire the imagination onto a story of the world it selves between the werewolves, the immortals like the sebastians (Vampires clan) and how they collide with the mortal world and the creation of Adam as a mortal character and being Jordan's only mortal bestfriend and I love how much Evan (the author) brought out Keith onto Jordan's sudden live and the whole freaking truth in the welcome ceremony for the solitaire werewolves who got into the pack. And not to forget the ugly truth of Theodore and Jace was totally mindblown, I didn't expect that out of Jace to be honest, I thought his feelings for Jordan was driven madly by the mates bond between them but I do believe he did love Jordan but I STILL DIDN'T SEE THE WHOLE THEO THING GOING ON /AND I SHIP #Colby+Keith #ColEith/ and how amazing THERE IS SUCH THING AS HALF BREED LIKE HALF VAMP-HALF WIZARD/ HALF WEREWOLF-HALF WIZARD *i could live in this world and get so mindblown*

  • Although I do appreciate the love going on between the mates, I could not understand the too many crying parts throughout the story, that just sometimes make it look a little bit off and doesn't make sense that sometimes it covers the whole charismatic being of a Jace. I do understand that boys cry too but sometimes it could get a bit too much in the story that it kinds of wiping out the dominant personality of the character itself like Jace who is known for his 'aggressive manly side', so when he cries a bit too much for me other than Jordan, it just didn't come out as likable as Jordan /I don't know how to say it, but it feels like that to me/

Maybe you and I aren't that different from each other-it doesn't matter if you're a mortal or an immortal, there's someone out there for you, roaming around the streets somewhere in this world, carrying the other half of your soul. But let me tell you one thing, it's never going to be an easy ride, and that's the best thing about it.  (Jordan on the last very page of the copy of Inside Out) *sobs under the tree and fell asleep* 

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